• joe-p
    Joe p

    Joe P is an indie alternative artist from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Posting homegrown ideas to TikTok, Joe P watched as his raw acoustic videos drew millions of views and over 300K followers in just a few months, “I write/record/produce all of my music in a basement. most of my recordings usually end up having some sort of noise in the background of them due to either the water heater turning on, someone upstairs showering or the buzzing of a fly crashing into a lightbulb while I am recording vocals, but I welcome the nature of it all […] with that being said, I am Joe p and I make music/art/.’

  • knox

    Growing up, Knox knew he had an interest in music more than the average kid. His song “Sneakers”, and amassed nearly 2M views overnight and now has over 32M streams, “I'm 6 states away from home and there’s a thousand people in the audience that are singing the song that I wrote with my friends in my bedroom. And that's when it gets you, when you see people connecting to something that I made with my best friends. It’s the most unreal feeling in the world.”


  • Quarters of Change
    Quarters of Change

    Quarters of Change is a four-piece alternative rock band from New York City. Founded in 2017 as a high school cover band, their self-titled LP was released in 2018 and was recorded in their school's basement, where they would stay after hours and hide from school security. Since the start of 2021, the band has released both the Innocent EP and the New Hour EP. The Quarters of Change debut studio LP will release later this year.

  • Alicia Creti
    Alicia Creti

    Alicia Creti is an unstoppable force in the world of music, pouring her heart and soul into every note with a delivery that is both distinct and dynamically charged. At the age of 24, the Montreal-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and pianist emerged as a rising sensation, captivating millions with a soulful rendition of Summer Walker's "Session 32." 


  • Deux Visages
    Deux Visages

    Deux Visages, a fresh addition to Miami's indie scene, has swiftly captured attention. Their unique blend of indie, shoegaze, garage, and surf rock effortlessly combines catchy tunes with raw authenticity, drawing listeners in with their captivating melodies and lively instrumentals. Despite having released just three singles, "Cheetah, "Tethered,” and “February,” Deux Visages showcases immense potential for mainstream recognition.